Reaver's Application

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Reaver's Application

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:04 pm

1. What is your Name? Cole

2. What is your in-game name? Reaver

3. What is your Age? 16, in my opinion I am mature for my age

4. Do you have Ventrilo? Yes

5. Do you have a working microphone? Not at the moment, working on it

6. What games to you play?

Tons, I am a quite avid gamer, many, many MMOs (WoW, Aion, APB, etc.) I also am quite the FPS fanboy (All CoD's, Battlefield, MoH)

7. What are you looking for in a Clan/Guild/Community? A great group of people to have fun with, enjoy games, and kick some ass, of course.

8. Why do you want to join Warriors of the Wasteland?

An awesome post-apocalyptic theme, great community members, why not?

9. How many hours a week do you spend online? More than I can count.

10. Would you be interested in taking on a leadership role and/or responsibilities in the community? Yes, I believe I would make a great and responsible leader if the need arises.

11. Do you know anyone currently in Warriors of the Wasteland? Met Velox on APB, seemed like a great guy.

12. Where did you hear about us? From Velox in APB.

Hopefully my application is put into consideration and I can join you guys on the streets.



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Re: Reaver's Application

Post  Velox on Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:09 am

We appreciate your interest in Warriors of the Wasteland. Unfortunately, you do not meet the age requirements to join our Community. I will be unable to accept your application at this time. Thank's for taking the time to check us out and apply, and the Warriors of the Wasteland Community wishes you the best of luck in APB.

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