Action Report Guidelines

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Action Report Guidelines

Post  Velox on Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:41 pm

This section is intended to act as an Archive for all the administrative decisions/action that is taken in Warriors of the Wasteland so we can refer back to these archives if needed, and also to keep all Officers on the same page regarding what action has been taken when, and why.

The Action Report is a pretty simple concept. Whenever you make/take ANY administrative decisions/action. It is very important that you come straight here and make your action report after an incident has been resolved. It is important to get this out of the way as soon as possible so that you make your report with the information fresh in your mind. So don't put it off and say "Ill do it later tonight" or "Ill do it tomorrow" get it done, its one of your responsibilities.

Things that an Action Report should be made for:

  • Accepted Members
  • Removed Members
  • Severe Warnings (i.e. A last chance type situation such as a member is continuously making immature, unnecessary, and/or derogatory comments and has to be warned)
  • Ventrilo Bans
  • Forum Moderation (i.e. a Troll that needed to be banned and posts deleted, or a member who steps far, far, out of line)
  • e.c.t.

If anyone thinks of more things that should be added tot he Action Report list let me know. Use your best judgment when a situation arises, you don't need to make an Action Report for something incredibly trivial. However, If you are questioning whether an action report is necessary, it might be best to make one anyway.

Action report format:

(I want these to be as brief as possible and easy to fill out when there is not much information to be given. If the situation is complicated please take your time and fill in whatever details are necessary to get the entire picture across.)


Approximate Time (Or exact, whichever is available):

Individuals Involved (Post whatever information you have access to. Name, IP, e.c.t):

Description of what took place:

Action Taken:

You are free to manipulate this format on a case-to-case basis. If your Report is only to notify us of members who have been accepted all you need to do is say so and give us a list. However, if your report is on a specific incident in which case the above form is appropriate, please use it.

Pictures/Screenshots/in-game video may be things to think of when handling volatile situations. If the situation is "interesting" and you feel a screen shot would help with your explanation of the situation, or add to your Action Report you are encouraged to take that extra step.

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