Warriors Code of Conduct - Community Guidelines- (Read Before Posting!!!)

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Warriors Code of Conduct - Community Guidelines- (Read Before Posting!!!)

Post  Velox on Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:06 am

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Warriors of the Wasteland are not the type that follow rules, in fact we dislike them quite a bit. We firmly believe in providing a laid, back fun environment where people can do and say what they please. However, we do ask our members to fully understand and follow our Code of Conduct at ALL times.

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Yes, we do have an age limit. We are an 18+ Community. However, acceptations will be taken into consideration if they display a high level of intelligence and maturity. If you have a Family member or real life friend who would like to join and is under 18 please let us know and we will see what can be done.

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In order to mold an efficient and merciless community loyalty and respect among members is key. You are expected to show a high level of respect and loyalty towards your fellow members at all times. We help each other whenever possible, always have each others back, and never leave one of our own behind. We all play games to have fun and release a bit of stress so make the game enjoyable for everyone around you by keeping the positive vibration flowing.

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Dedication is a trait we expect every member to have. We want members who care about the community, and want to make it the best it can be. Members who aren't content sitting on the sidelines, and go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we dominate. Members who think "team first".

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Always represent Warriors of the Wasteland. Show the world where your loyalties lie, and do so with pride. However, we also expect you to do so with respect. Remember, when you speak in public channels, over VOIP, or on forums you are not only representing yourself, but your entire Clan and Community. We have zero-tolerance for intentional immature, unnecessary, provoking, derogatory, or otherwise disrespectful action associated with our community. Understand this well because it may be your only warning.

Our Policy on Offensive language:

Our language is foul, this is your warning. You gota be able to hang with the sailors to make it with this crew. Everyone likes to joke around and have a fun time, we believe that a joke with good intentions is fair game, but refrain from being offensive and mean. If someone politely asks you to refrain from using a particular term, in their presence show them the respect they deserve and respect their wishes. There is zero-tolerance for downright rudeness and disrespect.

Our Motto:

Show friends and allies kindness, respect, and loyalty. Show your enemies no mercy.

Following these simple guidelines is all we ask.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse admission, or remove a member at any time for any form of bad attitude, disrespect, ass-hattery, or any other conflict of interest.

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